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Warren Clark

Warren Clark

Warren Clark is a founding member of the Boycott Workfare campaign, which in the last two years has succeeded in pushing back the advance of forced unpaid work for unemployed people in the UK.

Having formerly worked for BBC News and in the voluntary sector, Warren has contributed his communications experience to the campaign, working on its outreach, media, leaflets and online resources, as well as helping with actions. He has also written for the New Internationalist, Red Pepper, Occupy Times and Labour Briefing on the topic. He has experienced first hand several workfare schemes and the changing face of unemployment policy in the UK.

Bringing insights from beyond the usual suspects of political activism and social commentary in the UK, Warren is proud to be involved in a campaign which is helping shape a new paradigm for action: empowering people to assert their rights, working horizontally with agile use of social media, and combining this with direct action on the streets.